The Green Tortoise makes it’s Triumphant Return to Base Camp Anchorage!

Back in the 1970s travelling around the United States took some creativity for young adventurous travelers and backpackers.  Many were often travelling to similar destinations but it was not easy to find affordable transportation where everyone could stay together.  The green tortoise was created by taking buses and retrofitting them with beds to accommodate up to 36 passengers.  Carpooling at it’s finest, they crisscrossed around the US to major cities like New York and San Francisco and the famous Burning Man in Nevada.  The Green Tortoise has grown since then with trips in Central America, Mexico and Alaska.  


Every year the ‘big green tortoise bus’ makes a stop at Base Camp Anchorage to relax between trips from Seattle to Alaska.  Bernie Blaug has been leading trips for the Green Tortoise bus for several years now and his passion for the outdoors resonates at our hostel.  We enjoy exchanging stories and learning about their travels as they wind their way through Canada and up to Alaska.  To read more about the Green Tortoise Experience, check out their website here:

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