Base Camp Anchorage hostel: 2016 Summer Season

September 30th marked the end our third hostel season.  Each year brings excitement to meet the courageous travelers visiting Alaska.  From solo travelers bicycling south to Argentina, to mountaineers climbing the tallest mountain in North America, many arrive because something within them beckons.  It’s a familiar voice for outdoor enthusiasts — Alaska’s majestic and raw wilderness is at it’s heart.  There are no guarantees in the wild and everyone who hikes in the backcountry must be willing to take some risks.  The dangers are real, but with them come beautiful gifts that make a lasting impact on our lives.

For travelers whose first hostel experience was Base Camp Anchorage, we hope we left you with a positive impression of a community driven by social exchange and love of nature.  This wouldn’t be possible without the joyful spirits who came to work at Base Camp Anchorage.  We are grateful to Corey, Jake, and Britanie for creating a nourishing and welcoming space for travelers.  We are also appreciative to our volunteers who gave their time and energy to keep the hostel clean and comfortable.  It’s a long list but we thank Nathan, Adrian, Claire, Nessa, Katherine, Patrick, Nicole, and Cooper.

Lastly, we send an abundance of appreciation to our guests who stayed with us this summer.  Many of you became our friends and part of our family.  We wish all of you continued joy on your journeys.

Throughout the winter we will continue sharing stories of traveler’s adventures in Alaska.  Until then, may your journey of exploration, insight and wonder continue wherever you find yourself!



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