Dan Bigley performs at Base Camp Anchorage hostel

Throughout the summer, various artists from in and out of state performed at our hostel.  Music has a beautiful way of bringing people together and fostering positive social exchange.  As part of our last music concert of the season we were heartwarmed to have Dan Bigley play for us.    

Dan Bigley describes his style of music as somewhere between “acoustic cosmic roots and Americana jam”.  He weaves his personal journey and lived experience throughout his songs.    As a bear attack survivor, Dan was left blind after being mauled by a grizzly bear in the summer of 2003.  His art tells the story of courage, wisdom, and love.  

To learn more about Dan’s inspiring journey visit his website at http://www.danbigley.com His book “Beyond the Bear”  can be purchased here.  Thank you Dan for sharing your music and your story.  Below is a video of Dan performing one of his songs at our hostel.  

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