Bicycling Alaska to Argentina

Bicycling around the world takes courage and a discipline.  Over the past two years at Base Camp Anchorage many bicyclists on inspiring journeys have stayed with us.  Michael Conway arrived to our hostel earlier this year with a goal of bicycling from Alaska to Argentina.  That’s a little over 8000 miles or 12,874 km.  He set aside 2-3 years for this trip and assembled his bicycle using parts from different bicycle manufacturers.

Mike has logged over 17,000 miles bicycling in various countries throughout Asia and through his Native Australia.  Riding through the outback desert of Australia can be especially harsh as water or supplies may not be available for miles and days.  To get around this hurdle Mike improvised and built an extra compartment on his bicycle capable of holding several liters of water. You can see that compartment in the above picture.

Michael began his Alaska to Agentina trip in May and when we last checked he had arrived in Mexico City.  You can follow his journey on his blog at

We are appreciative Mike stayed at Base Camp Anchorage and become part of our family.  He is an inspiration to many travelers and motivates many to pursue their dreams.

We wish him a continued smooth journey

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