Bicycling: Alaska to South America

Many brave souls courageously make the journey; they get on their bicycles and use the power of their legs to explore the world.  Several bicyclists stayed at Base Camp Anchorage this past year and they all impressed us with their stories and their perseverance. One couple (Billy and Anna) began their journey in Alaska with intentions to bicycle a majority of the way down to South America. They arrived at our doorstep in July and we are happy to announce they are still on their journey 8 months later !!! Billie and Anna became immediate family to all of us, true Ozzie’s and a joy to have.  Billy, (a brewmaster back home) is also on a bike to brewery expedition sampling beers from microbreweries along the way.

One of their biggest set backs was their bikes getting stolen in Mt. Vernon, Washington, after just having crossed from Canada. They lost their passports, gear, and their transportation. As often happens, in these tragedies we also see the kindness of our countrymen and women. Police, news stations, and the local community banded together to raise money to help get them back on the road. The thief’s were apprehended a few months later and a majority of their gear returned.

We send along our love and raise a glass to their triumphant journeys. I have attached a link to their blog below, they are entertaining mates, be sure to read their stories.






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