14 Year old Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru to be youngest to climb world’s ‘7 Summits’

We had the privilege of having Dr. Krishna Sriperambuduru and his daughter Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru stay with us here at Base Camp Anchorage in early July.  Dr. Krishna made almost-daily delicious Indian cuisine dishes to share with other guests here in the hostel and we learned about the accomplishments of he and his daughter. Both experienced mountaineers, Jaahnavi is 14 years old and attempting to become the youngest girl to ever climb the 7 highest summits on the 7 different continents.  She has already climbed Mount Kosciuszko in Australia (7,310 ft), Mt. Elbrus in Russia (18,510 ft), Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa (19,341 ft.) and most recently Alaska’s own Mt. Denali (20,308 ft) which she summited on July 10th of this year. ‘It was the hardest climb yet’ Jaahnavi said afterwards. Her next climb will be Mt. Vinson in Antarctica (16,067 ft) which she will be heading to in December of this year.  IMG_5272

We are proud of Jaahnavi and wish her and her father the best on their climbing image-5adventures. You can follow her during her travels or donate to help her on her upcoming climbs at her website here:

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